Polar Instruments Asia Pacific offers simple solutions for solving complex problems from some of world's leading equipment manufacturers and solution providers for PCB design, test, inspection and repair industry.

Our goal is to bring products with cutting edge technologies from world's leading manufacturers and suppliers, who offer simple and elegant to use solutions that enable our customers to solve complex tasks related to their industry. As part of our endevour to offer total solutions, we are committed to bringing some of world's leading experts, consultants and trainers to offer consulting, continuing education certification and training services to our customers in Asia Pacific region.

Polar Asia Pacific also offers a comprehensive range of professional services like repair, calibrations, on-site annual maintenance contracts, consulting & training services for design, testing, troubleshooting, failure analysis and co-relation studies related to our industry.

With our direct offices and service centres located in Singapore, Shanghai and Zhuhai in China, Bangalore in India, Kawasaki in Japan, Taipei in Taiwan and an extensive network of partners in rest of Asia, we are well positioned to offer efficient marketing, sales and support services to our valued customers and principals across the Asia Pacific region.

29th Feb 2016: Polar Instruments Asia Pacific is delighted to announce partnering with Xpeedic Inc. for representing their suite of High Speed Signal Integrity software solutions in the Asia Pacific Region . Click Here for more details.
4th May 2015: Polar Instruments Asia Pacific announces new classes by Hermann Ruckerbauer. He will be delivering public classes on DRAM KnowHow: Open the Black Box of Memory in Penang 18-19th Aug 15 and Bengaluru 20-21st Aug 15. Click Here for details
3rd Oct 2014Polar Instruments, UK announces the launch of the all NEW CITS880s Controlled Impedance Measurement System with Launch Point Extrapolation (LPE) and Short Trace measurement using the newsly designed high performance IPS and IPDS Probes. Contact Us for details.


Attractive ATLAS SI package promotional offer now available for ATLAS SET2DIL / SET2SEIL + SPP - PCB Insertion Loss Measurement System. Offers are valid until 31th Dec 2016 for ATLAS-SET2DIL / SET2SEIL + SPP at special package pricing. Contact Us for more details.

CITS upgraded warranty offer now available with purchase of latest generation of CITS880 / CITS880s. Offers are valid until 31st Dec 2016 with new extended one year warranty terms on TDR heads. Contact us for more details.

Attractive Small Business offer Packages available for CITS880/CITS880s and Speedstack PCB and CGEN PCB software package for small size PCB companies. Promotional offers with attractive package pricing and payment terms are available until 31st Dec 2016. Contact us for more details.

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POLAR : NEW CITS880s - Controlled Impedance Test System

CITS880 - is the 9th generation TDR introduced by Polar Instruments Ltd, UK for Controlled Impedance measurement building upon the widely popular CITS880 platform. The new CITS880s is based on robust and proven TDR head technology used in industry standard CITS500 and 800 series TDR and incorporates 21st century state-of-the-art control and communication electronics. CITS880s now comes with Launch Point Extrapolation (LPE) and supports Short Traces ideal for on-board measurements. CITS880s ships with a completely re-engineered IPS and IPDS high speed probes which reassuringly are precision moulded with ESD dissipative materials to give maximum protectection. Click for What's New.


POLAR : GRS550 - Automated Graphical Repair System

GRS550 - is the new semi-automated Graphical Repair System used for identifying faults on defective boards using the time proven Nodal Impedance (VI) analysis by comparing test signatures from golden reference boards. Ideal for low volume high value production or R&D prototype testing and field returned repairs on high density loaded circuit boards. The redesigned GRS550 flying prober now comes with the latest state-of-the-art electronics controls and camera vision system. Other options supported include Active Test for power on functional testing using National Instruments (NI) LabVIEW and Active Vision Test for automatic optical inspection using National Instruments (NI) Vision test solutions. It also supports Boundary Scan Test using industry standard GOEPEL tester . Download Brochure


POLAR : ATLAS 2013 - PCB Insertion Loss Measurement System

ATLAS 2013 - ATtenuation Loss Analysis System is new test solution for PCB fabricators to test PCB transmission line insertion losses in a tightly controlled production environment. ATLAS 2013 now includes a dedicated intelligent ESD protection unit, new ergonomic probe housing and updated version 13.04 software with a raft of new feature enhancements. ATLAS 13.04 software interfaces with industry standard Tektronix DSA8300 oscilloscope TDRs and supports INTEL developed SET2DIL (Single Ended TDR to Differential Insertion Loss) and SET2SEIL (Single ended TDR to Single Ended Insetion Loss) test methodology for extraction of differential insertion loss from a single ended test and suitably designed coupon. Atlas 2013 is compatible and upgradeable to IBM developed SPP (Short Pulse Propagation) test methodology which will be released soon. Also available as ATLAS PCB for performing industry standard CITS style controlled impedance testing using Tektronix TDRs. Download Brochure


Front Range Probe Stations LLC: Probe RangerTM Workstations

Probe RangerTM offers a series of probing and inspection stations that give quick and adaptable methods of contacting and inspecting circuit cards and modules. The probe ranger's design enables it to meet the demands of high frequency electrical measurements as well as present an affordable and cost effective solution for a wide array of signal probing and inspection applications. Download Brochure


UCAMCO NV : Integr8tor

Integr8tor - is a 7th generation sales and engineering tool produced by Ucamco NV, Belgium. It is used for automated data entry and design analysis in a pre-CAM environment through which information can be received quickly and accurately for product engineering and the purpose of generating quotations by the sales/engineering team. it helps the user to manage his time by facilitating in generating complete CAM data at the beginning of the tooling process. Download Brochure


Legend Design : MSIM - High Accuracy SPICE Simulator

Legend’s MSIM is an industry leading SPICE circuit simulator with optimized algorithms to deliver unparalleled accuracy, perfromance and value. TSMC, Taiwan has certified MSIM for accuracy and performance on advanced nanometer circuit designs. Turbo-MSIM is a high-speed and high-capacity circuit simulator with SPICE like accuracy. Turbo-MSIM is ideal for full-chip circuit simulations. More details.


SIMBERIAN : SIMBEOR®  - 3D Electromagnetic Signal Integrity Software

SIMBEOR®  - offers an industry-first measurement-validated tool to synthesize single and differential controlled impedance transmission lines and via hole links, to buil advanced 3D electromagnetic models for all elements of PCB and packaging interconnects. SIMBEOR®  can perform simulation on complete high speed data links in both frequency and time domains and it easily fits into any design flow as a system interconnect budget tool, interconnect verification tool or a touchstone model and clean up and macro modeling tool for automatic S paramter extraction. Download Brochure


IHARA : ACCULINE - Portable Line Width and Space Measurement System

ACCULINE - is a truly portable, light weight, battery operated, digital - line width and spacing measurement system. Its built in colour LCD display allows operators to make quick, accurate and repeatable measurements for top and bottom line width and spacing for fine line single ended and differential controlled impedance traces for inner and outer layers. It is a high performance and reliable product which utilizes advanced micro computer technology and colour LCD image sensor to ensure superior performance and measurement reliability. Download Brochure


POLAR : XFE - Crosshatch Flex Enhancement for Flex Circuit Design

POLAR launch new Xhatch Flex Enhancement (XFE) for its 2D field solvers Si8000m and Si9000e to simulate the effects of cross hatched planes commonly used in flexible PCB circuits. Accurate simulations can be now performed for lossless controlled impedance structures using Polar's proprietary multi-pass simulations that corrects for the fine geometries and flex material variations. More Details.


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