POLAR: Si9000e Lossy Line Design Simulator

Si9000e—Field solver for lossy line design simulation

With the ever increasing demand for higher speed on PCBs design pre layout engineers are required to model losses on critical high speed transmission lines. Si9000e offers fast, accurate frequency depended modeling of losses on PCBs and allows you to simulate Copper and Dielectric losses, RLGC matrix and S-Parameters on various impedance structures.

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POLAR: Si8000m Lossless Impedance Design Simulator

Si8000m - Field solver to model impedance on multiple dielectric structures

Si8000m uses boundary element analysis to compute the controlled impedance of a given PCB track structure.The tool is used widely in the PCB design, layout and fabrication industry globally. It’s simple to use quick solver interface and the in-built graphic options gives designers a powerful tool to perform complete design for lossless transmission lines. Also available as Si8000m+IM (interface module) for integration with other third party OEM solutions.

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POLAR: Stackup Design Tools for Rigid & Flex PCB Stack Design

Speedstack is a simple tool that allows PCB designers and fabricators to design and document stacks for multi layered PCB boards complete with impedance, drill, materials information. Autostack option allows automated design of stacks by specifying key design values like board thickness, layer count, electrical layers types and impedances. Polar has now released the new Speedflex option that allows design of complete flexi-rigid boards. Speedstack now supports IPC 2581 Rev B.

System configurations:

Speedstack - Manual / Automated stack design

Speedstack PCB - Stack design with Controlled Impedance, ideal for PCB Fabricators & front end engineering department

Speedstack SI - Stack design with Controlled Impedance and loss prediction suitable for high speed PCB designers

Speedflex - Stack design for Flex rigid boards

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POLAR: XFE - Crosshatch Flex Enhancement for Flex Circuit Design

POLAR launch new Xhatch Flex Enhancement (XFE) for its 2D field solvers Si8000m and Si9000e to simulate the effects of cross hatched planes commonly used in flexible PCB circuits. Accurate simulations can be now performed for lossless controlled impedance structures using Polar's proprietary multi-pass simulations that corrects for the fine geometries and flex material variations.

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POLAR: C-Gen Coupon Generator

C Gen (Coupon Generator) is an automated tool to generate Controlled impedance coupons from multi layer stacks. The tool can be used in standalone mode with Si8000m / Si9000e or with Speedstack PCB / SI to automatically generate impedance coupons that can then easily exported out to the CAM software for production.

CGen PCB - Automated Coupon Gen for Impedance Coupons

CGen SI - Automated Coupon Gen for Lossy Coupons

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BDPSI: Best Design Practices for Signal Integrity

Build your engineering intuition with this one-day class designed and offered by Signal Integrity Evangelist Dr. Eric Bogatin. In this class, you will learn an efficient process to design signal integrity problems out of your next product, right from the beginning. This process is based on identifying sixx famiies of signal integrity problems, their root causes and the deisng guidlines which eliminate these problems. The most essential principles of signal integrity will be introduced and reviewed. More..

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CRNX: Controlling Reflection Noise and Cross Talk

This 2 Day advanced signal integrity training class thoroughly reviews the design process and principles to reduce reflection noise and cross talk to acceptable levels. The design principles in this class are most suitable for single-ended and differential designs under 2 Gbps. Design rules for robust design, routing topology and termination strategy are some of the questions answered in this class. More..

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CSiEDA: Total Solution Suite

CSiEDA, Japan offers a full suite of EDA software for complete design of high performance, high speed analog and digital circuit boards. The tools are simple to use and offer seamless integration allowing users to take their design from concept to real product. CSiEDA Suite includes

WinSchematic - Schematic Design solution

WinSpice - Circuit Simulation solution

WinSignal - Signal Integrity Analysis Solution

WinPCB - PCB Circuit Design Solution

WinGerber - CAM Edit Display solution

Win3DView - 3D Package design solution

ElectraRoute - Auto Router solution

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Legend Design USA presents MSIM PCB

MSIM PCB - SPICE Simulator

Legend Design USA offers MSIM PCB, a high speed and highly accurate SPICE Simulator. It is an industry proven simulator with optimized algorithms to deliver unparalleled accuracy, performance and value. MSIM can be used for a number of design verifications like Analog circuits, Mixed Signal Circuit and RF Design. Is is an easy to adopt software which integrates with ease into any design enviroment including waveform analysis and zipped file inclusion. MSIM PCB complements Simbeor to perform  SPICE simulation & verification on an entire channel design.

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UCAMCO NV: Integr8tor

Integr8tor - pre-CAM Engineering Software

It is a 7th generation sales and engineering tool produced by Ucamco NV, Belgium. It is used for automated data entry and desgin analysis in a pre-CAM environment through which information can be received quickly and accurately for product engineering and the purpose of generating quotations by the sales/engineering team. it helps the user to manage his time by facilitating in generating complete CAM data at the beginning of the tooling process.

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XPEEDIC: ChannelExpert – Channel Exploration

High speed serial channel design is becoming more and more challenging because of the ever increasing data rate. At multi-gigabit per second data rate, channel designers must characterize all the pieces in the signal path from transmitter to receiver including connector, via, and trace, which are typically represented by either S-parameter blocks or RLGC transmission line (TML) model. 

Conventional SPICE-like circuit simulator has difficulty to efficiently handle the channel with mixed S-parameter and TML models, especially with large number of ports.
ChannelExpert provides a fast and accurate way to address the signal integrity issue arising from the cascaded network of S-parameter blocks and TML models. Its frequency domain cascading technology and 2D RLCG full wave transmission line solver enable quick and accurate channel simulation. Its intuitive graphic interface lets you easily design, analyze and optimize your high speed serial links for compliance with design standards. Its quick channel build by table allows easy channel setup. Its parametric support enables quick what-if analysis by sweeping different S-parameter models for the channel element.

XPEEDIC: SnpExpert – S Parameter Exploration

S-parameters, traditionally used in RF/Microwave design, have been widely adopted by high speed digital designs as the multi-gigabit interface continues to advance to higher data rate. 

Xpeedic’s SnpExpert provides a quick way to understand the electrical characteristics of the passive interconnectors in a system by not only viewing the S-parameter in frequency domain but also examining the time domain reflectometry (TDR). One-click definition of differential pairs and victim/aggressor setup, together with the built-in NEXT, FEXT, PSXT, ILD, ICR, and ICN, allows user to quickly evaluate the crosstalk. The delay and skew calculator requires no cumbersome circuit schematic setup. Compliance metrics with IEEE 802.3ap, 802.3ba, 802.3bj and OIF CEI 25G/28G standards quickly reveal the S-parameter compliance have been included. Passivity, causality, reciprocity, and stability metrics can be used to determine the quality of the S-parameter. Automatic templates process S-parameter plotting to report in Word or PPT formats. The through-only de-embedding method helps SI engineers to quickly obtain the DUT characteristics by removing the fixture effect. The 2D RLCG full-wave solver enables quick and accurate transmission line characterization.

XPEEDIC: ViaExpert – Via Modeling and Simulation

Impedance discontinuities in the signal path can have a significant impact on signal integrity for high speed channel design. Among the many discontinuities, via discontinuity is one of the critical ones which requires careful consideration in channel design.
Three-dimensional full-wave EM simulation is constantly used to analyze via discontinuity. Conventional 3D full-wave simulation approach suffers from various drawbacks including the complex model creation and the long simulation time. ViaExpert provides a fast and accurate way to simulate via structures for both pre-layout and post-layout scenarios. The built-in connector footprint database allows users to quickly assemble the model with connector footprint, breakout region trace, and a given stackup.

ViaExpert features

  • Optimized mesh function improves simulation speed and precision.
  • Fast 3D FEM solver offers better fidelity and quality.
  • Fast Hybrid solver offers better capacity and speed compared to other tools in market.
  • Multiple ways to create models or import Allegro brd.
  • Auto port generation simplifies EM analysis setup.
  • Support parametric and optimization sweep simulation.
  • 3D-View makes the model check easier.
  • Export to HFSS and CTS.
  • SnpExpert displays S-parameter and TDR.